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  • Valerio, 1855

    Valério, 1855

  • Hartenstein, 2014

    Hartenstein, 2014

  • Jávorszky, 2015

    Jávorszky, 2015

  • Newspaper, 1868

    Newspaper, 1868

  • Hartenstein, 2014

    Hartenstein, 2014

  • Hartenstein, 2013

    Hartenstein, 2013

Mudi | Mudi


Canis familiaris ovilis Fényesi

Herding Dog

Mudi, a relatively new breed created to assist around farms, is a vigilant servant for its master.


The Mudi is one of the youngest breeds of all the Hungarian dogs. It resulted from breeding the Puli and the German-originated Spitz-type of dogs. The first mention of the Mudi was in the late 18th century. The name likely originated from an 18th-century shepherd, Tóth Mihály, who named his dog Mudi. It officially began to be bred in 1936.

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